Churches in Our Community

Osgoode Presbyterian Church

We are located on Bank St. in Vernon, Ont.

A small, rural church with roots in the former Osgoode Township, now part of the City of Ottawa. Worship service held at 11 am Sundays. We still enjoy the timeless beauty of God’s green earth around us. You are invited to join us in experiencing the peace and fellowship of our Sundays, featuring old time music and a traditional service.

St. George’s Anglican Church

8679 Bank St. Vernon Ont.

Rev. Kerry Brennan
Office # 613-821-4592
Home # 613-440-0643

Worship is at 8:45 am Sundays

Osgoode Baptist & Vernon United Church

8674 Bank St. Vernon Ont.

Rev. Joyce Trask
Phone # 613-774-4443

Worship at 11:00 am every Sunday