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Free Trees In The Fall

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We heard you Rural Ottawa Residents and we have partnered with South Nation Conservation (SNC) to provide some free trees to the Ward area residents this Fall!.

Though SNC is accepting online order requests for free trees this spring in other regions, please note that trees secured for Ottawa residents won’t be ready until the Fall.

Check back with SNC or my office later in the year for details on how we’ll provide free trees. We will be posting the details as they become available on our social media at that time.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding during this time.

For more info on SNC’s Tree Planting Program and to secure tree orders for Spring 2021, click here: https://www.nation.on.ca/…/forestry-…/tree-planting-services .

Rural Ottawa Barn Quilt Trail Project

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Rural Ottawa Barn Quilt Trail Project

We are very excited to announce our Rural Ottawa Barn Quilt Trail Project. We are inviting families, farm owners and agricultural businesses to create a barn quilt as a way to celebrate our rural heritage. This project, which is open to submissions from May 6 to September 30, 2020, is a combination of a tourism attraction, a business marketing tool, and a showcase of our unique community history. As a permanent part of our landscape, it will build community and provide the perfect opportunity to expand cultural tourism in the Osgoode Ward.

What is a barn quilt?

It’s a piece of wood (normally 8’x8’) that’s been painted to look like a quilt square. Some barn quilts are replicates of traditional quilt block patterns, while others are unique designs featuring a favourite dog, type of livestock or a farm logo. Barn quilts tell stories about individual farms, historical events or communities while also adding visual interest to the countryside and increasing rural tourism.

What barn quilts can do:

  • Barn quilts draw attention to Canada’s disappearing rural landscape
  • Rural communities find a way to get themselves on the map and connect with travelling public
  • Farms and businesses install barn quilts as part of their promotion strategies
  • People paint and install barn quilts as part of their outdoor gardening and landscape projects, and tell a story of their family history

Your Commitment

We would like you to consider being our partner for this project, to highlight rural life and the disappearing rural landscape. We are reaching out to you because you play an integral part of our rural life. The commitment is minimal – all we ask is your help in promoting this project via social media, member newsletters and websites!

Please see detailed information on the Rural Ottawa Barn Quilt Trail here.

We are looking forward to hearing from you on how we can work together!


Jillian Jordan (Metcalfe)

Executive Director

Osgoode Township Museum

7814 Lawrence St., Vernon, ON


OTM logo_2020


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Ottawa Public Health.ca
Sante Publique Ottawa.ca
TTY/ATS : 613-580-9656
/Ottawa Health
/Ottawa Sante
If you must go to stores for essentials, always practice physical
distancing – stay 2 metres (6 feet) away from others.
Stores are keeping up with new information
and carefully changing how they operate to
protect customers, staff and their families.
Be patient
Controlling the number of people allowed in the store at one time
increases physical distancing.
Follow store signs
Designated aisles may have become one-way, with markings on the floor.
Listen to store staff.
They are trained on precautions and want to ensure everyone’s safety.
Shop alone
Fewer people in the store allows for easier physical distancing and less
people potentially exposed to the virus.
Have a detailed list
Organize your list by aisle to limit your time in the store and traffic
within the store. Avoid lingering in the aisles.
Take only what you need
Get enough supplies for 2 weeks in case you or a family member get ill.
Be understanding
Some products may be less available.
Shop with your eyes
Avoid touching items that you do not intend to buy.
Be patient at the cash
Some stores may close every other cash to allow for physical distancing.
Wait your turn.
After placing your items on the conveyor belt, move to the end of the
conveyor belt. Do not wait in front of or near the cashier.
Use clean bags
If you are allowed to use your own bags, make sure they are clean.
Stores may only allow staff to pack items using store-provided bags.
Pay with plastic
Use tap if you can and avoid paying with cash to reduce the surfaces you
touch and decrease money exchanges.
“Be kind. We’re all in this together!”Shopping Etiquette
You must stay home if you have symptoms.
Étiquette des achats
Sante Publique Ottawa.ca
Ottawa Public Health.ca
ATS/TTY : 613-580-9656
/Ottawa Sante

/Ottawa Health
Si vous devez faire des achats essentielles, ne sortez pas pendant les
heures de pointe et assurez-vous de toujours bien respecter les mesures de
distanciation physique en maintenant une distance de deux mètres avec
les autres personnes. Les magasins s’adaptent aux nouvelles informations
qu’ils reçoivent et changent leurs manières de
procéder afin de protéger leur clientèle, leurs
employés et ces familles.
Soyez patient
Le contrôle du nombre de personnes permises dans le magasin à un
moment donné augmente la distance physique.
Respectez les panneaux des magasins
Les allées désignées peuvent être devenues à sens unique, avec des
marquages sur le sol.
Écoutez les employés
Ils ont été formés quant aux précautions à prendre et veulent assurer la
sécurité de tous.
Faites vos achats seul
Moins il y a de personnes dans les magasins, plus on peut respecter les
mesures de distanciation physique et moins on est exposé au virus.
Préparez une liste détaillée
En organisant bien votre liste, vous flânerez moins dans les allées du
magasin et y passerez donc moins de temps.
Ne prenez que ce dont vous avez besoin
Mais approvisionnez-vous pour deux semaines, au cas où vous tomberiez
malade (ou un membre de votre famille).
Soyez compréhensif
Il est possible que certains produits soient en rupture de stock.
Regardez, mais ne touchez pas
Ne touchez que les produits que vous allez acheter.
Soyez patient à la caisse à la caisse
Il est possible qu’une caisse sur deux soit ouverte pour permettre la
distanciation physique.
Attendez votre tour.
Une fois que vous aurez déposez vos articles sur le tapis de caisse, allez à
l’autre bout de la caisse. N’attendez pas en face du caissier et restez loin de lui.
Utilisez des sacs propres
Si vous pouvez utiliser vos sacs, veillez à ce qu’ils soient propres. Les
magasins ne peuvent permettre au personnel d’emballer des articles qu’en
utilisant les sacs fournis par le magasin.
Payer en plastique
Payez sans contact si vous le pouvez et évitez de payer en espèces pour
réduire les surfaces que vous touchez et limiter les échanges d’argent.
(6 pieds)
2 mètre
« Soyez aimable. C’est ensemble que nous sommes plus forts! »
Vous devez rester à la maison si vous avez des symptômes.


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This is a hard thing to do but because of the COVID 19 the VCA will not be hosting the Vernon Garage sale on June 6 and Canada Day. Ottawa will remain in a state of emergency until June 30 this means no events on city property. That said with no meetings we are unable to plan Canada Day. The garage sale would mean a group over 5 people in one spot.
We hope everyone is staying safe
We will keep you updated if anything changes.

Vernon Rink

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Thank you goes out to all the volunteers that are helpping clean and flood the rink so far this year!

We have had a couple of days with base ice but that is it

please have patients we are trying to get it running

thank you

The board is all volunteers and appreciate all the help we can get

call Keith McWhinnie at 613-826-3609

or Helen Porteous at 613-821-3685